Seasoning my new Masterbuilt

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by yeti, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. I just ran a load of chunked Mesquite through to season the new smoker. I soaked the chunks for half an hour after cutting them down a little to 2-3 inch pieces. At the 15 minute mark it was at 150, 225 at the 25 minute point. This was with the gas turned all the way down.

    Question 1: Are these times acceptable or does it need to heat up quicker or slower?

    At about 30 minutes the chunks started on fire and the temps shot up around 300+. After reading a few posts I am thinking I will need to foil my wood bowl as it is vented on the bottom.

    Question 2: Do I need holes in the bottom of the wood bowl/box/tray? My guess is I am getting too much air on the wood and allowing it to ignite.

    Question 3: If I replace my wood box, how close should it be from the burner...i.e if you use the skillet technique?

    Much thanks for the help...hopefully will be pulling some good eats out of this thing tomorrow..
  2. About half way through my first chicken and the new Masterbuilt is working exceptionally. I covered the vents in the bottom of the wood dish with about an 8 inch piece of heavy duty aluminum foil folded over in 1" strip, then folded it in half to to length of the vents. The temp maintained at almost a perfect 200-220 the whole time. Thanks to all the work people have put into posts that I used to research best practices. Now its time to watch some Red Wings hockey and have a drink.
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    Congrats on the chicken smoke! Hope you enjoyed the meal, and the game! (Go Pens) [​IMG]

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