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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by schauzy, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Has anyone used the RTV Silicon to seal the lid if a SFB? I'm wondering if it held up when you had a good fire burning. I'm trying to increase the efficiency of my smoker but don't want a bunch of silicone burning and getting fumes all over the food. Thanks.
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    You can always use wood burning stove cement....   it is rated for higher temps....
  3. I can not comment on how it would work on your smoker.  I have used Rutland black sealant rated at 800* with no problem, but I design my smokers around protecting the seal., when you are stoking up your fire with the lid open, do the flames contact any of the area that you want to install this sealant?   If so, I would not recommend it. 

    Also, do you have a problem with paint burning off in the areas you want to install the sealant?  If so, don't use it.

    If no to either of those questions, then your probably alright to use it.
  4. It sould work fine.

    Happy smoken.

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    Used Permatex 81409 High-Temp Red RTV Silicone Gasket, 11 oz. on firebox with glass rope, works great and I have had that pit 500 degrees plus, so you know the firebox was plenty hot.

    I tried the stove cement and it lasted 2 smokes, its too hard and crumbles, the stove cement works in areas as fill in where you wont get any movement.

    Used it on the smoke chamber as well.
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  6. I used the red on #19,  I think its good to like 1200*, the Rutland is the highest Ive been able to find in black ( so I sacrifice for looks)
  7. Thanks everyone. I used the red RTV silicon from permatex. It says its good to 500 but I had my smoke chamber to 500 today and it seemed to do fine. I put it on the chamber lid, the SFB lid and the door on the SFB. I used a high temp latex caulk that's good up to 1300 for the seems between the SFB and the chamber and seems in the SFB, the parts that don't move. I have a little touching up to do but otherwise looks good. Thanks again.
  8. if you dont mind, what was the brand?
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    Would it be

    Fire & Smoke Blocking Latex Caulk  White Lightning FLAME Buster Sealant?
  10. Flame Buster high heat latex caulk is what I used. It's good for areas that dont move but dries very hard and brittle so it didn't work well on the lid.

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