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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by schaydu, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Morning folks, I know there has been some topics on this before but i could not find a solid answer. Anyhow my firebox has leaks around the door. I saw where most people recommend the Rutland RV. However its only rated at 500 degrees and it seems as if it would get much hotter than 500 degrees in the fire box. So would it be best to use something different or just use the Rutlands.

  2. theres many different high temperature RTV sillicones out can get them rated for over 700 just have to look around
  3. What are somethings that I should stay away from. I found some that  is at 700 plus used for car motor and such but I dont know if that would be good to use. Any suggestions?
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    schaydu, morning....  can you post some pics of the areas that need sealing ????  That would help....  sometimes a mechanical seal is best, depending on the gap and where it is located....   Also, maybe a swing with a big hammer or tweak with a prybar can realign stuff to make sealing easier.....  Dave
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    As dave mentioned, a mechanical solution is best. Easy way...screw some extra width on to the door and adjust the lock. Depending on the wood , the firebox can get over 2000*f and melt down the silicons making a potentially poisonous smoke. (IMHO).

    You could also get some Stove rope and fasten it to the door or the body of the Smoker , then it's just adjusting the door latch.

    Have fun and...
  6. Thanks, I actually bought some RTV silicone and ran a bead around the chamber door. It worked well. I didnt have any leaks yesterday.
  7. This is the topic that I found very interesting, the too much air that enters the door , caused so many problems , instead of smouldering, the fire lights up, causing too much heat , burns out too fast, yes and affects the whole process.   And I have these problems.
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    I went to advanced auto and bought some RTV high temp red caulk. Worked great..... I think... :)  i am still testing
  10. Should there be only smouldering or small flames,? cause if i ad a new log it lites up, i seal the door with brawn bread, works fine .[​IMG]
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    I feel like small flames would be better than smouldering. Smouldering would (IMO) cause excessive smoke due to lack of combustion.

    The bread trick is clever. [​IMG]

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    Hi from Thailand...........

    I've got leaks in my firebox in my new build and have been experimenting with locally available items and so far, not too successful.  Living in Thailand makes it hard to get things that you guys in the US can get at your corner store or Home Depot.

    My worst leak is where my stainless cabinet sits on a cement block firebox. I tried using strips of attic fiberglass batting and I think that the fiberglass is breaking down from the heat, so I will junk that idea and may try using a clay, but expect that to eventually crack. Meanwhile I found a link on this thread to and sent them off an inquiry if they ship overseas.......expensive and long wait.

    And I have another several leaks between the welded door and frame.  Might fabricate my own gasket with RTV 750 degree [they have that here, amazingly], but not cheap.

    BTW.....what kind of temps are we talking about in the firebox during a normal hot smoke @ -250f?? In a test burn, I had my cabinet up to over 500f at the top, but assume that the firebox being lower would be lower temps, as I have a straight up airflow. nd while we're talking about test burns, how hot should I get the temps during the first burns to burn off all the chems etc??

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    'brawn bread' you mean brown bread?? if so, I assume the factory soft gummy 'wonder bread'??
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    Why does the firebox need to be sealed?  I converted my smoker to propane and wonder if it will get enough air if I seal the box too tight.
  15. Take it to the max temp. you will be cooking with, add 25 or so more degree's and hold it there for 3 to 4 hours, then rinse it out and season it. I usually shoot for about 450

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