Screw type air inlets pictures Help!

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by old oak smokers, May 27, 2010.

  1. I am thinking about redoing the sliding vent on my ongoing build.  I saw a picture of a screw type a while back which had a portion of pipe and a plate which was mounted on a bolt.  Looking for some pictures to use as a guide.  did a search and didn't see them.   Thanks
  2. dick foster

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    What do you mean by screw type? Just a regular flap damper that is mouted inside a piece of pipe? Those are easy to make.

    I've have a square one on the intake end and a round one in the flue. I made both from scrape sheet metal for the flap and some 1/4" round stock.  I threaded the far end of the round stock for a 1/4 -20 nut to keep it in place and bent the rod on the other end to make something to hold onto and turn. Bend it in the same direction as the flap so it shows outside the postion of the damper inside.  

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