Scored a great set of Wusthof knives!

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    I have to say it, I know it sounds wrong, but I love my mother in law! 

    My wife's grandmother passed away last summer.(She will be greatly missed!) When my mother in law was cleaning out her house she found her chef's knives that she had used for a lot of years. She said they needed to go to me because of my great love of cooking and her mother would have wanted it that way. My wife's family had a family reunion here at the beach two summers ago. Her grandmother was 86 yrs old at the time. My wife waited on her hand and foot. She told me the first day we were there she was going to allow me to cook dinner for her and the family. My wife goes on and on about my cooking and she was going to be the judge of that!

    Well things went wonderful and she wouldn't let anyone else cook for her all week. We had a great time! She kept testing my knowledge

    of cooking. It was almost amusing! The last day I asked her if she could have one dish, any dish she hadn't had for a long time, what would it be? She told me the easiest dish in her mind to make incorrectly and nobody had made it right for her in years was of all things Liver and Onions. Here I have a trained chef asking me for liver and onions. The whole key is to soak it in milk and flash fry it. She really loved it! What a great memory of that reunion.

    A good set of knives will last forever and so will this memory!

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     This is a great story i can hear the love in your voice  thanks for sharing it with us .

    this is a great set of knifes they will serve you well.
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    Nice...They are in Great Condition!...JJ

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