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  1. These were great. Had a round bottom round roast ground into hamburger. Mixed about a pound of it with a little bbq sauce, salsa, spices, cheddar and chopped jalapeños then rolled the balls in my own rub. About 20 minutes in heavy smoke around 300. Got the idea from a BGE cookbook but used what I like and had rather than following their plan exactly.

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  2. oddball

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    nifty idea.  might have to give that one a shot.
  3. floridasteve

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    What are they sitting in? Muffin cups?
  4. tropics

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    Look like Nacho Scoops to me.

  5. smokin218r

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    That is a cool idea I will have to steal. Looks tasty!

    Did the scoops stay crispy??
  6. Yeah, Crispy enough with a slightly chewey  greasy bottom. The book called for 350F.  Book is Smoke it Like a Pro on The Big Green Egg & other ceramic cookers. My UDS worked fine! The beauty is to make them up with what you like. I'm thinking next time they will have some pulled pork concoction in them!


  7. jp61

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    [​IMG]  Thanks for sharing!
  8. smokin218r

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    Sounds good. Thanks Matt!
  9. smokin218r

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    I am doing this as we speak. Trying a little smoke at 200 then bump to 350 to finish.
  10. 218R,

    Hope the turn out good for you.
  11. smokin218r

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    I'll get some pics here soon. They turned out pretty good. Kids loved them!!!

    I used regular 80-20 ground beef and it was a bit greasy, but not bad.

    1&1/2 lbs gb

    salt, pepper, garlic, a few bread crumbs and co jack cheese.

    I smoked them at 200 for about 20min, then finished at 350 for about 15min.

    Thanks for the idea Matt![​IMG]
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    You gotta give this finger food a name.

    [​IMG]  what to call it [​IMG]
  13. ak1

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    Jack rabbit poops![​IMG]
  14. smokin218r

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    Good idea! I dunno???? Cabage patch kids??
  15. jp61

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    They need a chunk of bacon on top!
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  16. jp61

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    Crunchy Beef Droppings
  17. smokin218r

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    Agreed. And as I stated above, a leaner mix would do well with all the cheese and 80/20 it was a bit greasy. But bacon is a natural step.

    I saw this post today and, ding! Supper plans. I have gb in the freezer but no bacon.

    Not trying to hijack the thread, just wanted to let Matt know his post was put to use!
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    CBD's! I like it.

    Do a poll??
  19. jp61

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    Maybe a small "drain" hole can be poked in the bottom?
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