Schweinshaxe anyone?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by dick foster, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. dick foster

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    We went to a Bavarian restaurant (The Tyrolean Inn)  for dinner last night and I had my favorite German dish, Schweinshaxe. It's very tasty stuff if you've never had it. Schweinshaxe is German for pork knuckle or ham hock.

    There are different ways of cooking it depending on where you are in Deutschland. Up north they boil it but down south in Bavaria it's braised then baked dry the way I like it best.  The first step is to marinade it for about a week in the fridge. Then they cook it till the meat comes clean off the bone like we do pork butt or pulled pork. First a braze in the oven in the marinade then they follow that by a dry bake.  

    The meat is all up next to the bone and covered by a layer of fat so it's not only sweet and tasty but kept moist by the layer of fat. It occurred to me that it should make a mighty fine dish if someone were to take one of these and pop it in a smoker for a few hours with some hickory and maybe some apple or white oak making the smoke. Has anyone here tried that? I thought I just might give it a spin myself in a couple of weeks. I just gotta go find a couple of good ham hocks to cook up. My favorite butcher can probably fix me up with the ham hocks if I give him some advanced notice. Gotta decide first whether to go with the fore legs  or hind legs for the knuckles. It would be a first for me to cook these up myself.     
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  2. adiochiro3

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    As a fellow German, I'd be interested to know how that experiment turned out.  I've never had the dish, but smoking it could only improve it, right?
  3. pineywoods

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    This looks interesting if you do it please post the recipe you use as well as the Qview and your thoughts on how it comes out
  4. squirrel

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    I'd like to know how this works out, I love German food, but haven't had this yet. The only hocks I've seen are already smoked. I guess I could ask my butcher if he can get them fresh. I cooked beans today with one and I can't wait to taste it! Love to hear more! Keep us posted, inquiring minds need to smoke!
  5. dick foster

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    With a last name like Foster, I'm no German but of all European food, I like Bavarian the best.

    Oddly enough French food comes in somewhere around the bottom of my list of likes when it comes to European food. I'd rather eat almost anywhere else in Europe than France. Food safety isn't up to the greatest standards there either. Ask me how I know.   

    BTW Foster is an English surname. They came from the Flemish Baldwins I think. The name stemming from Forrester for keeper of the forest, then to Foster. The first came to England with the Norman conquest as William II's son in law and took part in the battle of Hastings. My mother's side of the family is German however so maybe that's where is comes from. My grandmother's cooking  definately had a German touch.
  6. isutroutbum

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    This is a great idea! A local Bier Haus here makes it, and man is it good! If you do decide to smoke it, and have the time, please post the recipe and some pics. I'd love to know how it turns out. Again, great idea.



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