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    Hi there, I have been a lurker for a while now and came across some materials to build a smoker for next to nothing. Everything used was free except the smoke stack that i got from a muffler shop. Have about $70 into it from blades, paint, the smoke stack, and a spool of wire! I used a $90 Welder from Harbor Freight that is flux core only, It has 2 modes of Min and Max with a speed of 1-10 that works off a 110. The welder also has a always on deal like a arc welder which took a while to get use to instead of on when trigger pulled! The welder was donated for the project as well so cost is zero on that! I have welded a very minimal amount up until now, I was given some advice/help on learning. Then practiced alot, even on the tank lol. It isn't pretty but I do have penetration. 

    That said, I have never smoked anything a day in my life, I simply used the 3-2-1 mention method and kept temps between 230-260 about 90 % of the time. The guides and sticky threads here sure help and keep people on track, as well as Feldons Calculator. 

    Here are the materials: 

    26 Gallon Tank

    Fire Box - metal from a dumpster! (Yes we cut the back of a dumpster out that was being salvaged)

    Legs - Jet-Ski freight container supports!

    Wheels - Old Engine Stand Wheels

    Handles - Old rebar from the trash!

    Smoke Stack - Diesel Exhaust Pipe

    Here are some pics...

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  2. That's about as cheap as they come...nice build!

    Reminds me of the Visa commercials around a few years back....

    Metal from tank and dumpster: Free
    Welder from Harbor Freight: Free
    Diesel Exhaust smoke Stack: $30.00 (?)
    Taste of the SR: Priceless

    I'm wanting a SFB mini for a bumper mount for the camper...

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    Thanks, Im happy with it, I have noted a few things I will do differently if I do another. I have also contemplated on adding a mount to it for my truck, like a tailgate smoker!
  4. Perfect...there was someone on SMF that bought a New Braunfels SFB bumper mount smoker...thing was like 300lbs+...
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    Loks great! Well done.

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