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  1. So, I currently am about to make some BBB and I don't have a scale that will read more than 1 lb of meat at a time.  My only other options at this point are to use my bathroom scale (which goes to tenths of a lb and is digital) or to go out and buy one. But at this point I don't have any research on food safe scales and wouldn't know where to go around me to get a good inexpensive one.

    So what I'm asking is A. If my bathroom scale will cut it for the time being and B. if it won't cut it what should I look for in a scale.
  2. Use the bathroom scale. Weigh yourself holding the meat and then without and then subtract. Beats putting the meat where you put your feet!
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  3. That was the plan, but I didn't know if it was accurate enough.  I'm probably making it much more complicated than it needs to be
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    If you stay here long enough, your toy budget will be shattered.  You really need a good kitchen scale.  You need to be able to measure in pounds, ounces, kg, and grams as you progress to curing meats and making sausages.

    My scale is used by a couple of other members here.  Check out:

    There are many other good scales on the market as well.  Sooner or later you will want one.  Check out features like the removable control/display panel for when you weigh bigger items and still want to read the display.  Look forward to your future needs and be sure you get a scale that will be able to weigh the quantities large and small that will be in your future.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Check out Amazon they have a huge selection and most qualify for free shipping. 

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