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  1. We put up 15 lbs of bacon yesterday after a two week cure and 2 day airing out in the fridge. We like more of a savory style than sweet bacon and this turned out perfect. I normally use bay leaves and thyme in my cure recipe and decided to add juniper berries for the first time. Man am I glad I did that. The flavor of this batch is amazing. I used the Pitmaster blend for a 12 hour smoke and couldn't have been more pleased. If anyone's ever wondered about using the juniper berries in their bacon, I highly recommend it. Oh, yeah, I use AMNPS in my MES 30.:grilling_smilie:

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    There is just nothing like making your own bacon.....

    Never thought of the berries, I'll have to add that to my list for the next time.

    Congrats on your bacon.
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    this is from Len Poli's site

    i have been making this back bacon for quite a few times. no complaints from anyone.... i use the brine to do what ever size loin im using..

    actually started with this method before i even knew about this GREAT site  :0)

    i dont use and have never looked for Fenugreek

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  4. I didn't think Canadian bacon was smoked. ??
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    YUP ..... do a search here on the site and its all smoked ...

    many different brines, BUT all smoked, and i agree about the juniper berries, a unique flavor... up in the middle of no where where i live they are hard to come by. the health food shop carries them so i buy them out every now and then so if loins go on sale i have some in my cache of spices !!!

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