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  1. anybody tell about water bath sausage to get it to 152, cuts smoking time in half,does it taste different,any tools like a roaster or sous vide machine use to make,any books about it.thank you 
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    I am relatively new to sausage making but I have recently started using the water bath to finish smoked sausages and I love it.   If you are like me and time for long smokes is hard to come by, its the perfect technique.  Usually I smoke the sausage until it gets the color I am looking for and then finish to the IT of 152 in the warm water bath.  So the whole process might take 4 hours instead of all day.  I am sure that a roaster or some other thermostat regulated device would make it simple but if you don't want to invest money or cabinet space it is easily achievable in a big pot on your stove.  When there is about an hour to an hour and a half  of actual smoking time left I usually fill the pot with water and put on my stove burner at the lowest setting.  Every once in a while I check the temp of the water to see if I need to turn the burner up.  I usually look for anything between 155-165.  Anything higher and you risk your sausage fatting out.  Depending on how much sausage is in the pot, it usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes for me for the sausage to reach 152 IT.  Much better than the rest of the day.  Once they reach 152, plunge them in ice water for a little while to bring the temp down below 90 IT.  Not 100% sure but I think this is to stop the cooking process and to avoid them getting wrinkly.  I have done kielbasa both in the smoker the whole time and finished in a warm water bath.  Taste the same, texture the same, appearance just a little nicer with the hot water bath.  Smoother looking on the outside.   The experts should be along soon to weigh in on this but I hope I gave you a good start!

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    I think you gave great advice there,sorry to see you didn't give yourself credit for just doing it,here is a link to Chris work.

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  5. thanks for help, great advice, I am going to try it, have hot and cold spots in smoker,water bath would make it easier to get my IT to 152
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    I have the same issue in my MES 30 which is what led me to investigating the water bath.  You'll love how much quicker and easier it makes the whole process
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    For the cold/hot spots try putting in a small CPU fan,, or making a small intake on the side and shooting the fan inside. 

    Works for me on my fridge build

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

  8. I been using a digital Bradley,read a few people putting fans in them,still like water bath idea,all good,thanks for help,smoke on

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