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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by rbranstner, Nov 18, 2007.

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    Hey there I am a new member and this is my first post. I have been making venison sausage for the past three years and I am looking for some suggestions from you. I make a sausage that has cheese, wild rice and jalapenos and we usually add a brat flavor for the spices. Well we are getting really sick of the brat seasoning so much we dont even really like them any more. We are looking for a new flavor to add to the sausage. Does anyone have any suggestions for a flavoring or spices we could mix. We usually make a 50 to 100 lb batch so I usually just buy the premixed packages for the amount we are making. Thankyou in advance for your suggestions.
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    you need to go to roll call and introduce yourself summer sausage is great as well as snack stix you can buy premixed seasoning froim you can also check out the sausage section on here for more ideas
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    I guess I should clarify a little bit on my sausage. When I say sausage I maybe should have said bratwurst or hot dogs. That is the style I am making not a summer sausage. Sorry for the confusion. I know there a lots of mixes out there I could try thats my problem I don't know which one would go good with my mix of cheese, wild rice and peppers. I can see from your guys experience I'm sure I will get a lots if suggestions from you. Thanks
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    Someone suggested that I buy a Country sausage mixture and try that they thought that would be good with the rest of my ingredients. Anyone have any thoughts.
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    My Friend,theres a hundred kinds of sausage or more.The best thing I can tell you is to experiment with taste and seasonings,textures and results.The human palate is infinite in it's search for variety.

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