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  1. My wife said I can get a stuffer.  I can get the LEM 5 pound from Amazon for $147.  Are there any site sponsors that have them for around the same cost?

  2. You will be happy with the lem 5LB

  3. I've used the 11 lb Cabellas vertical stuffer for any years and been very happy with it.  Easy to take apart and clean, smooth action, multiple size tubes for different kinds of sausage, very sturdy and well built.

    It is bigger and more expensive that the LEM 5 you mention.

    - Dave
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    Sausage maker has theirs for $199. The LEM is a good deal... Try contacting the sausage maker and see if they will match
  5. I just got the $99.00 Kithener from northern tools an it worked great, was really surprised by the quality!
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  7. That 5lb one looks exactly like the one I bought.  This was my first time ever stuffing sausages, and I did about 9lbs worth and I was surprised at how easy it went.  Everything I read recomended that two people should stuff the sausages, I did it by myself sitting on my bar stool, right hand cranking the stuffer, left hand controlling the casings. when the link got to the right size, I stopped and twisted it, then started cranking was fun!   Clean up was very easy as well.
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    We just got, but have not used our LEM 606SS. The SS comes with stainless instead of plastic tubes and it came with a 3/8 tube for doing the small casings like 19&22mm for snack sticks and breakfast sausage. The Plastic tubes are 1/2 for the small one and can make these smaller casings a challenge if they'll fit at all.
  9. I bought the Lem 5 pound stuffer from Amazon along with the spray and cleaning kit.  I also ordered the amps smoke generator from Todd.  These are all birthday presents from myself to me, it's this Sunday.  We went to Cabelos and I picked up one of the High Mountains german sausage kits.  It says the smallest amount you can make is 3 pounds.  This will my first time making sausage.  I've been looking at the candied salmon and jerky recipes on this site, they sure do look good.  Todd gave me some suggestion on getting better air flow and smoke from my smoker.  He seems like a great guy, was nice to talk to.  Thanks for the help Todd.
  10. let us know about the German sausage recipe, I was looking at that and almost bought it.

    What kind of smoker you using?
  11. I have a master built pro electric smoker.  It seems to work good.  I just don't seem to get as much smoke as I would like.  Todd suggested drilling a couple of 3/4" holes in the bottom.
  12. I made my first attempt at sausage last Saturday. did about 9lbs, was way easier tha I ever thought it would be. I just did italian , but modified the recipe a lil ( less finnel and added garlic and crushed red peppers). I used the casing's from bass pro.    I usually use a wood burning pit to smoke, but now I think a small electric will work better for wieners and knockwurst's that I want to do, especially here in Florida.  I would be afraid trying to cook at 165* on a pit in this heat, ( actually, in the sun the temp reads 165 with no fire going)
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    Bryce, the stainless tubes have this description: Comes with 1/2", 3/4" and 1" OD stainless steel stuffing tubes

    The plastic tubes have this description: Comes with 11/16", 7/8", 1" OD plastic stuffing tubes

    It looks like the smallest plastic tube is waaaay too big for sheep casings no?
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    Yes you need to order the 606a tube 3/8 seperatly with the plastic ones
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    I ended up getting the stuffer with the 3 stainless tubes directly from LEM for $153 after tax & shipping.  A fair deal, not great, but I'm excited to try it out!
  16. I have the 11lb hand crank Weston and love it easy to fill, use and stuff just my thoughts.

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    $100 after shipping and then another $16 for the 3/8 attachment = $116 vs $153 for the LEM.  A decent $37 savings but you give up metal gears and 2 stainless tubes.  Same 1 year warranty. 

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