Sausage rail?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by smokeymose, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. smokeymose

    smokeymose Master of the Pit

    What's a good way to hang a rail in an offset smoker for hanging sausage?
  2. forluvofsmoke

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    If you have a warming rack you could hang a wood dowel with S-Hooks towards the may need to remove the cooking grate(s) to allow enough space below the dowel for sausage loops. If no warming rack, drill holes in the ends of the barrel/lid and add simple brackets or hooks inside to support the dowels, higher up for more clearance. Given a choice, I'd remove the warmer rack and do the mod to achieve the largest clearance...this will increase your capacity exponentially, and, I'd consider using 2 or more dowels, depending on barrel diameter...larger diameter should accommodate 2-3 dowels. If end-space between the warmer and the lid/barrel allows for a well thought design, the sausage dowel mod would not interfere with the warming rack...just lift-out the dowels and re-install the warmer rack with the dowel supports still in place. Makes for less fuss to convert to sausage smoking, then back to conventional hot smoking.

  3. smokeymose

    smokeymose Master of the Pit

    Thanks, Eric. No warming rack. Drilling and adding some sort of hooks or something is pretty much what I was thinking. I might be able to get in two dowels, but if just one that would probably do. I only do 3 & 5 lb batches.
    Thanks for the input!
  4. bkleinsmid

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    I drilled two holes and added eye bolts down the length of the tank. Then found a 1/2" S/S rod to put through the eyes.

    I have also seen free standing racks that sit on the bottom grate.

  5. smokeymose

    smokeymose Master of the Pit

    I'm thinking about some kind of tripod supports. We have a lot of scrap steel at the shop (Mr. Tingle made me a nice charcoal basket from scrap expanded metal)
    I'll probably go with the eye-bolts through the top. Simple and efficient 🙂
  6. dirtsailor2003

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