Sausage making last year

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  1. Here are some pics of last year's German Sausage making:

    I use 100% pork shoulder for our sausage.

    1st grind

    My daughter rinsing and soaking the casings.  Nice that she still smiles about it.

    Didn't take pics of mixing. I have a 25# LEM mixer.

    This was the 1st time using the vertical stuffer.  Works great!

    Links hanging and just getting smoke to them

    Here they are after smoking for several hours.  Yummy!
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  2. danmcg

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    Nice work!
    I'd be interested in the recipe if you want to share it.
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  3. Thanks Dan. Sorry but the German sausage recipe is an old one that's been in the family for many years and I can't give out.

    The ingredients however are pretty basic... Salt, pepper, garlic, TenderQuick and pink cure. 
  4. crazymoon

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    Nice looking sausage !
  5. boykjo

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    Nice sausages..........[​IMG]   A good time spent spent with your daughter while the boys were away.................. My son is 23 and he's hinting every once in a while about helping/learning about making sausages ..... He may be coming around....

    Nice equipment you got there............

  6. charcoal junkie

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    TenderQuick and pink cure? Why 2 different cures?
  7. boykjo

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    Good catch CJ........... Tender quick and cure #1 are not to be used together.
  8. It's a small amount of tender quick but I had always wondered about that as well. (Just checked recipe and it actually called for sugar cure not TQ)  I don't know if it got written down wrong years ago or what.  Maybe that should be sugar instead of additional cure? I'm mixing and stuffing tomorrow so may leave it out on some and maybe add a little sugar on another batch.  

    Per 25# of meat my recipe calls for the normal 1oz. of pink cure and .75oz of Morton' cure.  Anyone have any idea what percentage of sugar cure is sugar? I'm guessing maybe 50% or so.  If that's the case I'm looking at less than a tablespoon of sugar for 25# of meat.  I can't see that small of an amount making any difference in flavor so maybe leaving it out with no additions is best.
  9. No, all of the Morton's curing products are approximately just 2% sugar.


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