San Antonio BBQ team

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  1. I am looking to create a BBQ team in San Antonio. I've completed in two sanctioned events recently. The first one I placed 4th in brisket out of 120 teams. The second one I placed 8th in chicken, 5th in ribs and 4th in brisket. I also pulled down 2nd in beans.

    I am basically looking for people interested in teaming up with me. Experience is great but eagerness and reliability is even better. If you are interested just let me know.

    I actually have a possible cook off this weekend 12-5-14 & 12-6-14. One guy I had lined up had to pull out due to a family emergency and its no fun running a full cook off by yourself.

    Let me know if your interested in this weekend or beyond.

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  2. I have two SRF Waygu briskets lined up for this weekend if it makes a difference.

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