Salted Smoked Perfect Rib Steak W/Qview Cheesy Hash Browns Thumbs Down

Discussion in 'Beef' started by ronp, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. ronp

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    I dug this out of the freezer. It must have been a score or I wouldn't have bought it, maybe 3.99 or 4.49.

    Really nice, beautiful marbeling.

    Covered with salt for 15 minutes, then dried and added some garlic and lemon pepper.

    Hash browns started.

    Perfect, I should have stopped here.

    Added some cheese and in the smoker with steak.

    Steak off at 122'.

    Steak was on for 4 minutes and I knew it got away from me, must have something to do with the barimetric pressure, plus the nice fat and marbeling, the Weber was off the thermometer. I flipped it for another 2 minutes, but wasn't worried because Carol likes Medium. It had plenty of juice that came to the top.

    Carol said the steak was salty and cooked ok, unusual for her to say as she loves salt. She didn't like the taste of the potatoes either.

    So, this is probably one of the most unsucessful smokes that I can remember, but still not bad, I am spoiled I guess and like thumbs up every time. I know I can be very hard on myself, but I like perfection.

    Bottom line for me is, no more salted steaks even though they worked before, not worth risking a beautiful rib steak like this one, and no more hash browns in the smoker.

    There is always a next time. Just a lesson in life.
  2. Sorry to hear about the unsuccessful cooking. Judging by most of the posts I've seen you do, I'd say you were just having an "off day". Even the best of us fail sometimes.

    I remember a brisket I did a while ago, cooked it over night, like I do all my Briskets. Only this one SUCKED!!! Everyone else was saying it was great, but I only had two bites and was done. Cooked up some leftovers from a previous smoke and ate that instead after everyone left. I know we can be our own worst critics but this one still eats at me. It was for a buddy of mine that swears his BBQ is the best you'll ever have. I really wanted to show him up, because I knew I could, and I failed miserably in my opinion.

    Better luck next time, although I know you don't need luck, you're "just that good"[​IMG]
  3. pignit

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    Well you know Ron.... things could always be worse.......


    I've done the salt thing with cheaper cuts of meat and had really good results. I've never tried it with a great cut of meat to begin with. But to be honest.... it looks pretty good.... I'd eat it anyway!
  4. fishawn

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    Well $hit Ron, at least you are a honest man!...Points!...EVERYTHING I have ever smoked, baked, grilled, BBQ'd, pickled, canned, prepared raw, baked in a hole dug with a shovel covered by leaves or burlap & tended by sherpa guide has always been AWSOME!...........[​IMG]
  5. pops6927

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  6. azrocker

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    My experience with salting steak is the timing. The moisture draws out then is sucked back in. If you do not allow enough time the whole process is for not. That said I tend to agree that a good cut just doesn't deserve salting. A good cut of meat stands on it's own. MMmmmm Steak!

  7. irishteabear

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    We all have off days, Ron. Some of us more than others. [​IMG] Thanks for sharing your misdaventure with us.
  8. bigsteve

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    I was going to try the salting method on an extremely lean sirloin steak today. Grilled, not smoked.

    Having second thoughts now. But then, I'll never know if I don't try it either.
  9. ronp

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    Give it a shot, will work better on a lean cut.

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