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  1. This forum reminds me of when I was a kid in the early 60's.  We would go up to Canada every year and catch hundreds (it seemed like) of trout.  Back then no portable refrig's or freezers.  We layered the fish in 5 gallon tins with lot's of salt.  I guess it was good.  I just remember catching the fish and salting them.  Mom always took care of the cooking.  Now I wonder what happened to the fish when we got home. 
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    I have salted fish in years past.... after several days in the salt, they were rinsed and soaked in ice water... pellicle formed, then very lightly smoked and canned in a pressure cooker...... Or after months in salt, the were rinsed, soaked in ice water for an hour or so then pickled in vinegar, sugar, onions and a dash of allspice.... nothing better than home pickled salmon.... Then there is lox.. outstanding way to preserve fish... ..... bballys recipe is awesome....
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