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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by triggermortis, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. triggermortis

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    i've used my okla joe's longhorn a long time as is, and it's always abeen fine for small amounts of meat, i can move things around to tolerate the hot and cool spots. but lately i've been cookin' a lot of meat, mostly when my retired fellow beer drinkers are out here. i've read the advice here for modifications and still have a few questions.

    to put a 90 on the smoke stack and bring it down to the level of the grates, i got some 3 inch galvanized vent pipe stuff at the lumber yard, and it looks and fits pretty good. my questions is, is it safe to use this galvanized stuff, or do i need to lay it in a fire and burn it up for a while first? what i like about this is, when i only use the top grate, i can just use the 90, and when i put in the lower grates, i can add the extension back on and it fits just right on the lower grate. also, i need some more pictures of heat deflectors for a longhorn type firebox, i can make that up myself when i know exactly what i want. all help appreciated.

    johnny highplains
  2. garyt

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    No galvanized ever, you can get the same stuff just plain steel
  3. triggermortis

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    crap, that's bad news, since the parts fit exactly like i want'em to. i guess i'll take'em into the weldin' shop and see if i can get somethin' fabricated outa steel. it sounds like nothin' is safe except raw steel that's never been used for anything. i still haven't figured out what i wanna do about a heat deflector.

    johnny highplains
  4. fireguy

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    I have a bit different opinion... Galvanized metal is dangerous if food is to make direct contact with it, or at the melting point of the galvanization ....which is way up there ( i think 800-900 deg).
    Alot here use aluminum dryer duct for the stack extension for a GCSP. A lot of folks think it is safe.. but Aluminum also gives off a poisonoous gas at its melting point. Unless you plan on getting it real hot, im of the opinion youd be fine. But of course any risk of health is totally up to your comfort and knowledge of the matter at hand. hope this helps
  5. ryf

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    you can get 3" black stove vent/exhaust pipe, would be perfect, also available are deflectors/caps. you might have to order online or get it from a specialty store (fireplaces, etc...) worst case do a step up to 4" and you can get it at a tractor Supply (retail chain store) good luck
  6. You should be fine with what you have. Put it in a fire for a while and let it burn that crap off then use it! Install it in your smoker first and burn a couple dummy loads and let it build up a good coat of smoker resin and spray some vegi oil on it and you will be fine. It would be different if you were layin your meat on it or something, but It will be ok for just a vent. You probably won't have it much over 300 deg. anyway. Do it![​IMG]

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