Rusty's West Virginia Rib Rub

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  1. concordeer

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    2 T Kosher Salt
    2 T Ground Black Pepper
    1 T Garlic Powder
    1 T Paprika
    1 T Chili Powder
    1 T Onion Powder
    1 t Granulated Sugar
    1 t Ground Cinnamon
    2 T Light Brown Sugar
    1/2 t Crushed Red Pepper

    West Virginia is fairly new to the barbecue world, esp with WVU joining the Big 12 conference. It's a whole new culture we're getting to know and we love it. I know of 3 authentic barbecue restaurants that have opened within a 25 mile radius in the last year.

    Hope you try and enjoy my original rib rub recipe.
  2. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy smoken.

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    It sounds great! Will try it soon. Thanks. ...and :welcome1:

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