Rubs or Joints in TX, OK or AR?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dert, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. dert

    dert Master of the Pit

    I'm going to Houston, Tulsa and Ft Smith this week...

    Any suggestions on where to pick up some regional rubs??

    How about BBQ joints?
  2. You need to go To Rudy's (Rudy's Country Store and BBQ) in Houston for good Q and good rub/sauce. Go for the spicy rub and sauce! Or if you want to drive a little bit extra, go to Elgin and get some Elgin Hot Guts from Southside Market. An hour, or an hour and a half drive in Texas is nothing!
  3. dert

    dert Master of the Pit

    Off to suggestions???
  4. mds51

    mds51 Meat Mopper

    Oklahoma Joe` s very near Tulsa I have not been there yet, but everyone that I have talked to has had a great meal.

  5. bbqhead

    bbqhead Smoking Fanatic

    I went to Oklahoma joes Saturday and I had no complaints about the BBQ . there are many others also such as Knotty Pine , many Rib Cribl locations .
  6. This may be a bit late (and I wish I had seen this in January when it posted!), but I'll add a nod to Beaver's in Houston as a pretty decent place to get BBQ. Good variety on the menu and it's definitely not on the tourist route. Maybe this will help someone else out who is heading to Houston. Near downtown, nowhere near the Galleria area.

    2310 Decatur St, Houston, TX 77007

    (713) 864-2328

    On another note, why isn't there a top level forum for BBQ eateries? Or is there and I didn't see it...? I searched on "joint" to find this thread.

  7. dert

    dert Master of the Pit

    A little late, but thanks for the reply...

    Next time in Houston, I'll check it out!

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