Round Beef Section

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  1. Round Beef Section
    Starting from the ankle and finishing off at the T-bone. I will try to best describe to you all the different cuts of meat with their names that you might be familiar with. In some parts of the United States and the different companies they may cut and call the cuts differently. Still in all if you see an image that looks familiar to you then you can look at the chart above and see where each cut is located.

    Shank Meat

    Shank meat is the ankle part of the leg use for ground beef, Soup meat or beef stew. It is a tough part of meat with all of the sinew that runs through it and is only good for slow cooking or ground beef.

    The heel of round is an ok oven roast or pot roast. It is very lean and makes very good lean stew meat or ground round. You don't see heel of rounds in the modern meat cases anymore because the rounds come to the meat markets already trimmed up with the heels removed.

    Beef Round, the cuts and names of the portion of the Round
    The Round can be partially cut into steaks and roast. Or it can be deboned and made into various types of roast. The Top can be separated usually into three pieces and tied using butcher twine to make a nice roast. The Eye of Round can be separated to make an Eye of Round roast. The other part of the bottom round is also tied using Butcher twine to make a nice size roast. Cooking the round as a roast slowly can make the meat more tender then eating it as a steak. The round has a good flavor but is more chewy then other expensive steaks. Still with the right seasoning and marinating it can be a nice cut of meat and a good Steak.

    Using the teeth of a Meat Tenderizer. Cuber can make a good tasting but tough steak a decent cut.

    More to come.
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