round 2 lol (pork loin chops}

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  1. So I am going to try my smoker again tomorrow tried chicken once and goofed it lol but tomorrow pork loin chops with apple wood any advice my new friends
  2. flash

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    Don't over cook them.
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  3. how do I know this is attempt number two still learning times and stuff.
  4. how do I know this is attempt number two still learning times and stuff.
  5. scarbelly

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    The second most important tool behind your smoker is a thermometer. We always cook by temp not time
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  6. fife

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    I am new to smoking also and have been using the temp to tell when done it has not failed me yet.
  7. beer-b-q

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    Also don't depend on the built in thermometer, get yourself a good probe thermometer and verify its accuracy by testing it in boiling water...
  8. smokinal

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    Yep, the most important piece of equipment is your temp probe.
  9. Thanks guy's I do have a good probe thermometer so I will do it that way the first time I used the one on the smoker the first time and had to finish the chicken in the oven lol
  10. sooo I took them out of the smoker internal temp 100 deg they look great will post pics in the morning my phone needs to charge so I can download it to my laptop my first q-view yah. I think I need to mod my smoker not getting enough air with all vents open the hottest it got was 210 and there is only about a 1/2 inch between my grill that the charcoal sits on and the bottom of the coal box when I open the door the coals glow bright when I close it they die down. but learning this like bbq is a labour of love thanks for all your help let me know what you thinks pics to come
  11. retread

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    Please tell me your thermometer reads in celsius!
  12. lol no it does not sadly had to finish in the oven they looked good coming out of the smoker but I cant keep it hot enougfh yet
  13. [​IMG]

    this is where it all started  

  14. forktender

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    Those look like they turned out super !

    Heck a lot of people would kill for a smoker that holds a steady 210* smoke temp. right out'ah the box.

    Most of the time 210* is exactly what I'm shooting for as smoke temps go.

    Some days I hold perfect smoke temps, other days I have to chase temps around a bit, on my UDS.

    Remember it's cold out, so your 210* smoke temp will raise a bit as the days warm up in the spring and summer months.

    I'm guessing your smoke temps may be right around 220* come summer time...................perfect  don't touch a thing !

    Boil water check thermo in boiling water, make sure your thermo is running at 212* F if you live at high sea level  you'll need to find out what temp water boils where you live.

    Look up finishing temps here on the forums and your good to go ! 

    Keep at it and ask all the questions you need.The pitmasters on this site love to help others out,with awesome info.

    Oh you have to try a pork shoulder next..............they turn out awesome, and everyone loves pulled pork ! and it's one of the easyest smokes you  can do.

    Have fun learning to be a smoker !

  15. porked

    porked Smoking Fanatic

    What kind of smoker do you have?
  16. smokinal

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    The chops sure look good. I think your problem is you are not getting enough air flow under the charcoal and with only 1/2 inch clearance the ash build up would snuff the fire out. You need to raise the grate a couple of inches to get good airflow.
  17. I have a grilpro 31840
  18. yah I thought so too so I raised it up about an inch yesterday we shall see how that works thanks for the advice

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