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    I've been reading this forum off and on for quite some time, and finally joined. I've been using a Little Chief smoker that I bought at Good Will for $6 for nuts and jerky, now I want to expand my horizons and upgrade to something a little fancier. I'm thinking electric, probably the $299 deal on the Masterbuilt Model #: 20072612 at Sam's Club. I'd appreciate any advice or input on this, I see all kinds of reviews out there. Pretty confusing for a newbie.

  2. Welcome from the Modesto area. That model you're looking at is an MES 40 with a window if I'm correct. And yes you will see different reviews, pluses and minuses. I don't own the 40, but I own the 30 inch little brother of that smoker. As long as you know what you are getting into, I believe the MES is a perfect starter smoker for the price. Easy to use, non intimidating, and fairly user friendly. I would suggest looking at some of the mods you can install on your smoker over in the electric smoker section or in the masterbuilt owner club. And lastly invest in getting your own thermometers since most of the issues I see with the MES are due to false temp readings from your smoker and meat thermometer. I am still a rookie to this, but I have been using my MES just about every weekend, and I still love it. Happy smoking,
  3. Hello and welcome from East Texas

    Gary S

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