Rind or Rindless

Discussion in 'Curing' started by sniper7990, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. sniper7990

    sniper7990 Meat Mopper

    Hi all

    I have just introduced myself in Roll Call and came straight here lol

    Quick question

    If I want to make rindless (skinless)  bacon, should I dry cure with the rind on and then remove it, or remove it after its cured?

    thanks in advance


  2. tropics

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    I started my 1st Bacon curing this A.M. took the skin off so the cure could penetrate easier
  3. sniper7990

    sniper7990 Meat Mopper

    Yeh, now I wasn't sure if that would allow it to penetrate too much and make it too salty.....guess ill find out in a few days lol

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