Ribs on Saturday!

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  1. Got these at Costco, three slabs per pack. I will do 3-2-1 method but with two different flavor profiles. Stay tuned!
  2. I paid $3.19/lb for my ribs at Costco, which I thought was high but quality is key?? I love to buy cheap and the end product winds up tasting good. I feel like I win when this happens. Where I live, Aldi stores are everywhere and my family shops mainly there. I was at Aldi yesterday getting apple juice for the ribs today and saw baby backs for $2.99 and whole Ribs for $1.99. I'm seriously having buyers remorse. Man, do I have the smoking meat addiction. I'm digging making cheap taste good!!
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  3. I broke down and purchased an AMNPS


  4. I stuffed 6 slabs in the smoker
    All rubbed with yellow mustard. 3 with famous Dave's rib rub and three with Butt Rub.
    Started at 10:45.
    Spraying with apple juice throughout cook.
  5. The AMNPS malfunctioned giving my ribs too much smoke. Somehow the different rows lighted. i had done two test smokes but somehow this happened. It ruined the ribs. Second guessing using my electric again. I've only used my weber kettle in two smokes and it has cooked better food both times. I guess I need to shop for a rib rack.
  6. ps0303

    ps0303 Meat Mopper

    How close to the heat source were the pellets?

  7. I placed the maze on top of the chip tray. I tested it this way and it worked, obviously not. My one thought is to have a barrier under the maze like I had above it. I haven't given up on the amazin, just maybe my electric. I've had for a over a year compared to my 26" weber and smokenator. Already the weber is turning out far superior Q. It's just so easy to pack the electric with ribs. Initially the smoke coming off the maze smelled awesome. After an hour I came back and the whole maze was lit. Even then I didn't think it was too much smoke, I even placed more pellets in. In hind sight I should have pulled the maze at the first hour.

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