Ribs on new smoker

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bowhunter3290, Sep 13, 2016.

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    So Saturday I got the Oklahoma Joe Highland and put it together Sunday when I got off work, sealed it and put it outside. Woke up at 700 and went to walmart to buy coals. Now I haven't used charcoal in over 10 years, so it was going to be a big learning curve. grabbed kingford and Royal oak. I used Kingford all day seasoned my smoker for 5 hours then threw on a rack a ribs, at 1 did the 3-2-1 method and you could bite down and mmmm was good, didnt fall off the bone and was so freaking good, used mesquite wood because my tree in my front yard grows like a beast. might do a brisket next weekend 
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    That's awesome!

    To get it right the first time is fantastic!

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    it was amazing, was having troubles with temp when i was seasoning it was over 250 the whole time that was with air flow pencil with thick, closed it all the way 30 minutes before throwing the ribs on temp dropped to 230-245 and stayed there, I hope I dont have to smoke anything lower then 220 lol. I have to seal the door, that is on the side. but other then that it was a good day. going to be making a charcoal box
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    Tasty looking ribs! Nice smoke!

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