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Discussion in 'Pork' started by james1nc, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. Here's my problem, I need to cook ribs and sides the same day all will be smoked. The ribs will take up all my smokers surface and the side will take two hours. I'm thinking of smoking the ribs the  day before , should I cook the ribs till after the foil stage and then pick up the following day and then rewrap them till after the sides are done? or cook them 100% and just reheat after I finish the sides?
  2. blacklab

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    what sides are you cooking?
  3. Stuffed mushrooms & ATB's
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    Is it possible for you to use rib racks? That would give you the availability to cook the ribs in a smaller area so you could cook it all at the same time.
  5. if you use a rib rack how do you foil ? when I foil I put apple cider in the foil and place them meaty side down . the apple cider keeps them moist
  6. brooksy

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    I have never foiled ribs or butts and they are always tender and moist. Hmmmm since you want to foil I would say cook fully ahead of time then reheat slowly in a covered pan with a little juice in the bottom.
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    About a month ago I had somewhat the same problem. I had 3 racks of ribs to smoke.......and 2 dozen chicken 1/4's to do as well. I smoked the ribs for 2.5 hours at 250*......foiled them, and finished them in the oven at 225*. Once I had pulled the ribs from the smoker, I was able to raise the smoker temp to 325* to do the chicken.


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