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Discussion in 'Beef' started by goat4444, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. goat4444

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    How long? im marinading them in worsteshire sauce,orange juice,liquied smoke,2 shots of vinager,spaish seasoning and a lil water. I plan on in the morning ill dry rubing with onion powder,not sure brown or white suger,pinch of chilli powder,is that to much any tips i plan on cooking in a electric smoker stays about 225 for 6 hours ,not sure to wrap in aluiminum i have no apple juice any tips please help?
  2. athabaskar

    athabaskar Smoking Fanatic

    Why would you possibly use liquid smoke? Isn't that what your smoker is for?
  3. goat4444

    goat4444 Fire Starter

    True i wont use it than
  4. pignit

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    Bahahaha.... this made me actually laugh out loud. I love this place.

    I do beef ribs one of 2 ways. I either rub them down with olive oil and season with salt, pepper, garlic, and onion or I season them down with dry rub for eatin like Pork Ribs. Good luck!
  5. mgwerks

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    +1 - can't add to this.
  6. davidmcg

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    Liquid smoke? Glad you changed your mind on that one. Leave it in the marinade overnight. Smoke them up just like a slab of spare ribs, 3-2-1, or your own variant. Low and slow on the heat, I believe you said 225 which is good. Shoot us some pictures of the finished feast.

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