Ribs and Chicken Smoke with a visitor

Discussion in 'Pork' started by brooklynboy, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Last weekend, I was able to fire up the smoker for some ribs and chicken.

    The ribs went on, with the smoker around 225 - 250 and some apple wood chunks. Rubbed and ready to go using a 2-2-1 on these.

    Spritzed them every hour or so with apple juice

    Then one of the locals stopped by:

    After he left it was time to add the chicken and foil the ribs and add afew more chunks of apple wood. I marinated the bone-in thighs and breasts with a buffalo wing marinade.

    About an hour in, for the chicken ribs foiled.

    Here are the finished ribs with some sauce on them for the last hour.

    As it turned out, I probably should have got the chicken pieces in the marinade the night before rather than 4 hours. They were moist, but did not have much of a kick to them. Missed taking a picture of the finished chicken. Have to try again this weekend.
  2. richtee

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    On the plus side the ribs looked good... a bit heavy on the sauce for me..but that's me. Well done!
  3. good Q-View! Thanks..........
  4. ronp

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    Nice looking QVIEW, thanks for sharing.
  5. seboke

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    Very nice qview B-boy! Friendly neighbors too!

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