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Discussion in 'Beef' started by skayk, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. skayk

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    Anyone know how to smoke a ribeye steak and have served medium rare? Any help appreciated.

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  3. skayk

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    Thank you that was MOST helpful. I tried the "search" earlier and must have done something wrong as I was not able to find what you sent. Having ribeyes tomorrow night. Can hardly wait. Then Saturday doing our first pork butt. This is so much fun.


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    Good luck Sharon!

    Don't forget the Q-view!
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    My favorite way it to put them on the grill indirect heat and use some mesquite chunks right on the coals. I don't use a lid that way the mesquite isn't to powerful. 
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  6. I smoked some fillets yesterday. 225* for 30 minutes, flipped them and did another 10 minutes, put them on the HOT grill for about a minute per side. I think the were medium rare but its kinda hard to tell because the smoke colors the meat also. They were THE BOMB!!!! I like mine medium rare and was very satisfied with the texture.

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