Ribeye Roast(Prime Rib)

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  1. Hello,  I started with a 5lb ribeye roast with bone.  Got it around Easter for 5.99lb and Vacuum Sealed it for later.  After  searching through the awesome posts on this kind of meat on this website, finally felt comfortable to cook this roast.  Started it close to the same as quite a few seen on here minus the thick worchestire as I have not seen it anywhere I have looked.   I thawed and washed the roast and then added SPOG and let it rest in fridge a few hours.  Then pulled out of fridge and let it sit in foil pan and plastic wrap for 30 min while getting smoker ready.  Fired up the Masterbilt propane smoker with water pan to 225 F.  Put on roast and added apple, cherry, and pecan chips that had been soaked in water. Used three different kinds of wood as had a little left in each bag and I thought I would try to mix all three together to try all at same time.  All out of wood chips now and have a AMPS that I will be trying on next smoke.   Put on smoker at 1:35 P.M. at 225 and the smoker temp was between here and 250 the whole cook.  Refilled the wood tray once, usually do more smoke but thought this would be enough for this kinda roast.  Took roast to 134 and pulled at 5:45 as we are pretty good with med rare to med.  Put in a foil pan and loosely put foil on top.  Went to pick up roast 30 minutes later to remove the butcher string and the ribs pulled right away from meat.  Sliced roast and was a nice pink throughout.  Meat was really good and had a nice smoke flavor.  I do wonder what you do with the ribs?  I ate part of one and it was really good, but usually see, when only the ribs are cooked they are cooked for longer like pork ribs.  Are they better after grilling longer or good as they are now?  Thanks for looking. 

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    Nice looking roast! I usually pick at the ribs while slicing and prepping sides, or save for stock and boil down. Makes for some awesome beef stock!
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  3. Looks awesome!   Getting hungry right now....   FYI- They changed the name of the thick sauce to :Bold Steak Sauce". Same stuff though.

    Happy smokin!
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    Great looking prime rib!
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    Looks great!  When I smoke a prime rib, I usually removed the bones so that I can smoke them at a later time.  Beef ribs are awesome but in my opinion have to be smoked to a higher internal temp like pork ribs.  I also found them to be super chewy when I pulled the roast at 125-135.  I need some rib roasts to go on sale again!
  6. Thanks to all.  Thanks for the heads up on the thick worchestire, I have seen the steak sauce but didnt think about that being it. I like all the ideas on the ribs and may have to make some soup with these and then next time cook them alone like other ribs.  Thanks again.
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    Bones [​IMG]  Suck the meat off and into a stock pot...

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