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  1. Me and my lady are having a rib off today. Everything is the same as far as temp ,smoke and meat. Everything else is up to us:)will keep this up to speed throughout the cookoff!
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  2. Ribs are on and smoking:) aiming for 225 and so far so good. Switched it up today and am using apple instead of my standard cherry. I'm the seasoned smoker of the 2 of us but she is by far the superior cook so this should be interesting
  3. Opted for gas instead of my stick burner today, was a long night last night
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    This should be good!

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    Sounds good- I have ribs going right now myself!

    So what differences are you two implementing as far as prep, rub, wrapping (or not) adding anything if you do wrap etc?

    Inquiring minds want to know!


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    What he said

  7. No rules to speak of. We're limited to rubbing them however we wanted, to wrap or not to and how long we cook. They've been on just over 2 hours and i personally am going to wrap mine now. She's gonna let them ride a bit longer. I will add some honey, brown sugar and a little squeeze butter to them when i wrap. Oh, and a bit of worchestershire. As for her, idk.she hasn't let me in on her plan, lol
    Would have been a little funner had we both had our own smokers but what can ya do. I'm sure our flavors will be quite different. She went with simpler is better. I went with the more layers of flavor the better
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  8. Ok, about 30 mins after me she has wrapped. She took a different angle then me by using honey,her own concocted rub and liquid to put in the wrap. Her liquid was apple cider vinegar, honey, brown sugar and some peach preserve.idk,it might work. Lol
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    Cool & fun idea ! Thumbs Up
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    This is interesting... I have a couple of buddies that all have MESs and we were talking about doing this. Nice thing about an MES is that it is pretty portable.
  11. Go for it! It definitely is putting some fun into it. We have her parents judging the "competition ", and it's making me pull out any little trick i can. Wish i had some buddies around that were into smoking. You see what I've resorted too :) should be done in the next 30 or so. I'll provide some q view
  12. I have ribs on my MES as well. Used Jeff's rub Friday evening and had them in the fridge till this morning. I trimmed them St. Louis style and I'm trying SmokingAl's naked technique....have been on 5 hrs now @ 225....IT about 165 ...using a mixture of apple and hickory with a cup of apple juice in my pan. Bark was looking a bit dry, so I thinned out some of Jeff's sauce with water and mopped the racks. Sampled tips a few mins ago and they are banging! will post pics 
  13. [​IMG]
    Mine are on the right, hers the left! About to have them tasted and a verdict. Hope i win! Lol
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    :battery-062: drumroll!
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    Man they ALL look good!


  18. Sooooo,the results are in! We set it up very simply. Numbered 4 plates, i had 1 and 3,she had 2 and 4. Her folks blind tasted each and.......she took me with 3 votes to 1:( no shame here. She's a hell of a cook and always seasons things to perfection and this time was no exception. Granted i more or less cooked the ribs but, my hats off to her. Love ya babe :* gonna need a rematch for sure
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    What was the prize (or are we not old enough to hear???)

    Looks like a fun time was had by all - probably even the judges who got to eat those ribs..........
  20. Well slipaway,she claimed her prize last night, lol! Unfortunately for me it was a foot rub:( it def was a good time and a rematch is already in the making, with new judges;) i would highly recommend everyone to gather some friends or in my case, your better half and have some fun with it, even if egos get a little bruised.

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