Rib Loin Bacon and a Ham

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  1. Hi,

    Not exactly sure what to call this but I bought a pork rib loin and decided to make a bacon out of it. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it a ham, or, perhaps a bacon style ham. Anyways, for the purpose of this article I will call it Rib Loin Bacon. I also had a small pork roast and decided to make this one into a ham for next weekend Easter dinner.

    Recipe for Rib Loin Bacon

    1626 g of pork approx. 2.5 inches thick

    28.5 g of sea salt

    81.3 g of brown sugar

    2.8 g of pink salt

    Recipe for Ham

    1015 g of pork approx. 2 inches thick at centre (not sure what cut of pork it is)

    17.8 g of sea salt

    50.8 g of brown sugar

    1.76 g pink salt

    Here is a picture of the raw meat (Rib Loin on Right)

    Then placed the meat in separate ziplock bags for curing. Let them cure for 9 days. Here is a picture after curing and left to form a pellicle.

    Let them air dry in fridge for 2 days and then placed on the smoker. Used one pan of Cherry and one pan of Apple.

    Then I sliced the Rib Loin Bacon and had breakfast. The slicer in the picture is a "Rival" brand. Got it about 20 years ago or more. It is a small compact slicer that is easy to clean and has served me well. The Ham I placed in the freezer for next weekend.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the results. Next time, I may use a little less sugar probably around the 3% mark and slice the rib loin bacon a little thicker.

    Hope you enjoyed the pics and the narration.

    In Solidarity,

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  2. bearcarver

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    Looks Great !![​IMG]

    Nice Job!!![​IMG]

    I call the one showing the round bone a "Ham Steak".

    And the big one you sliced up, I call Canadian Bacon if sliced thin, or Cured & Smoked Pork Chops if sliced Thick.

    Like in this Step by Step:

    Boneless Cured & Smoked Pork Chops and Canadian Bacon

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  3. Thanks for the compliments and info on the naming of cuts. I think this is the 3rd or 4th time that I cured pork as bacon / ham and I have to say that the quality is far superior to commercial varieties. And more satisfying of course. I think I may invest in a better smoker this summer.

    In Solidarity,

  4. rmmurray

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    Great job Skandic! I bet it was tasty!
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  5. waterinholebrew

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    That all looks great ! Thumbs Up
  6. Man that looks great,  Nice job !!!     [​IMG]

  7. Great looking back bacon! Hows the weather on the Rock?
  8. b-one

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    I'm with Gary on this one great looking bacon!:points1:
  9. Thanks RM, yes it was great

    Thanks waterinhole, I am pleased with the turnout

    Thanks Gary, not exactly sure what to do with the point but I appreciate it.

    Thanks Blade, the weather is good but there is a meat shortage due to the ferries not able to get across. Apparently the worse pack ice in decades.

    Thanks b-one, I strive for perfection but still a way to go, but I don't mind trying
  10. c farmer

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    Wow. Looks awesome.

    Where did you get the rib loin?
  11. Thanks Farmer, I bought it at the grocery store a while back I believe 1.99 per lb or 4.39 per kg. I should have wrote it down but forgot.
  12. Update: just are the ham for Easter Dinner and it was fantastic. Perhaps a little less sugar, but it was a very nice smoky flavour. . Everyone lived it and was much better than store bought. Should have taken more pictures but here is one that is sliced up.

    In Solidarity
  13. woodcutter

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    Love the color! Happy Easter!
  14. Looks good to me

  15. [/quote]
    Thanks woodcutter, I find cherry wood puts a nice rich colour to the meat.

    In solidarity,

  16. Thanks Gary, it was good indeed.
  17. Looks really good!! Sorry for the tardy post [​IMG]
  18. Looks great, and thanks for the tip on the rather inexpensive handy little slicer!
  19. disco

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    Whatever you call it, that bacon and the ham look terrific!


  20. stashed

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    Hello there! Looks delicious! Was wondering about the smoke time and temp. Thanks!

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