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  1. Hello all, I just cooked a couple of racks of baby backs yesterday. They were absolutely delicious, and falling apart. I don't mind that for home. But, I have a comp in a few weeks for ribs only, my question is. How do I keep them from falling apart? No wrap, less time? I was using the 221 method. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I would say less time would be your best bet. No foil!
  4. Thanks guys. I forgot to say I was between 225 and 250 temp wise
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    I run mine at 225 for around 4-5hrs. I did ribs last night and they pulled off the bone.
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    What was the internal temp when you pulled them?
  7. Not sure. I've never checked IT of ribs before. What should they be for bite thru?
  8. I do mine to 190. I got that from watching the TV show BBQ Pitmasters.

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