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Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by knifebld, Jun 15, 2015.

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    Hey all,

    Been mostly grilling these past few week due to a very busy month, but I wanted to share my very first reverse seared striploin I did on my BGE yesterday cause it was that awesome!

    So here they are...had these puppies in the freezer for a while cause I was kinda nervous doing a reverse sear for the first time on 35$ Worth of steaks. I am not great at grilling to begin with so it took me a while before trying the reverse sear method....boy did it ever pay off!

    I basically kept it simple. Salted with them with generous amounts of coarse salt for a few hours, rinsed them and left them out for about 45 minutes. A little olive oil, basic salt and Pepper seasoning, and that's it!

    Got the BGE to 250F with a few chunks of Mesquite and tossed them on until they reached an IT of 105F for me (was going for rare) and 135F for the wife (She requested medium well...I know....I know).

    Took them off, tossed them on a plate covered with foil....then took the plate setter out of the egg and ramped up the temp to 650F

    Seared them for about 2 minutes each, rotating every 30 seconds.

    Also made some loaded baked potatoes....and here is the final shot;

    I am very sorry for not having a sliced shot...was too excited to eat!

    They tasted AMAZING! Was actually quite surprised on how much smoke they took on for such a short period (about 45-50 minutes). As for the doneness....well my wife's was dead on for medium-well, but mine was a little closer to a medium rare then gonna pull off at 100F and reduce the sear to 90 seconds next time.


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