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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by h2odr, Dec 29, 2015.

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    I've been a member of the forum for a while and really appreciate all of the information here.

    I am starting a smoker project with a tank that is 36" diameter and 92" long and I have a couple questions for the more experienced builders here.

    I originally thought the wall thickness was 1/4" only to find after cutting the firebox opening that it is 3/16" thick. I have stopped the build until I get some advise.

    First of all, will this thickness hold heat well enough to make this build worthwhile?

    This will be a trailer mounted rig once complete with several added gadgets for cooking and quite a bit of time and cost involved.

    Will a thick baffle plate help hold heat and make up for the thinner tank?

    I have been thinking of making one large door so that I could possibly cook a whole hog at some point, with the thinner tank I am afraid the door may warp if I don't reinforce it with some type of framework.

    The question is will I be okay with one door or should I leave a 3" strip between two doors to help with door and tank integrity?

    I have also thought I could tab and bolt in the center section between the doors, just a lot of trouble to remove during a cook.

    This is it for now, I'm sure more questions will come up along the way, I plan on posting pics along the way.


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