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  1. Few pics of my build so far
  2. Very nice job,  gunna be a nice one

  3. That is a fine looking smoker. I look forward to seeing some smoke.

    Happy smoken.

  4. I like your wheels !!

  5. Thanks Gary I thought they turned out pretty cool myself!
  6. My tank is 20 in diameter and 40 in long feldons calculator gives me a 20 in stack with 4 in diameter pipe. Most posts I find say 30 to 40 in tall. Is there any advantage to go taller or should I keep it at 20. Thanks
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  8. Your skills are showing.  Looks great!
  9. Thanks Dragon breath. Nevr built a smoker before but having some years fabricating experience has help a lot. Hoping to work on it some more this weekend pics to follow.
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    Cool!!! I think I noticed on the top of the CC  that you have a " door seal"  on the door and on the inside of the CC.  Why???? I have thought about it myself because the door and the CC  dont match up. Is this the case for you?

  11. Dave,

    How do I get the model to accept 2 three inch stacks?  Also, how to get the width of the plate in the CC?  I know I've seen diagrams with radii for cutting the end of a tank, and calculations on width and  height of the plenum but can't find them for the life of me.  Also, what is the downside of cc plate resting on the FB opening (if there is  a bit of insulation in between the 2 pieces of steel?

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    Use an exhaust plenum.... wide enough for 2 stacks...

    Look at the calculating tutorial.....   all the questions are answered....

    When you open the "Circle Calculator" link, Click on the "bullet" to the left of Radius & Segment Height ED....

    Circle Calculator

    Click on the 2 variables you know

    ......Radius and Central Angle...........................Radius & Chord AB
    [X] Radius & Segment Height ED.....................Radius & Apothem OE
    ......................................................Radius & Arc AB
    ......Chord AB & Segment Height ED................Chord AB & Apothem OE
    ......Segment Height ED & Apothem OE...........Chord AB & Arc AB

    You should have opened the circle calculator and a bunch of boxes will appear below..
    and a box called [CALCULATE]..

    Enter the radius in the box so marked.... If you tank is 24" OD, and has a 3/8" thick steel wall, the ID of the tank 23.25".... the radius is 11.625"..... these numbers need to be accurate if you want stuff to fit... ALSO, take into account the thickness of the FB steel when cutting out the tank...

    Enter a guess for the Segment Height ED... I'd start with 6.0

    Click on [CALCULATE]....

    The other boxes will fill with numbers....

    The [Segment Area] box is what you area going to compare with the FB/CC opening in square inches...

    If the FB/CC opening number is smaller, change the number in the Segment Height ED box to 5.... continue changing that number until the [Segment Area] matches the FB/CC number.....

    Now look at the colored circles above.... Segment height ED is how tall the green area is and corresponds to the area to be cut out.....

    Also, [Chord AB] corresponds to the width of the RF plate... NOTE... for ease in fitment, the FB should be at least as wide as the RF plate..
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  13. Thanks Dave.  That is exactly what I was looking for.  Had seen it before but could not locate it this go-round.  Jerry
  14. yes I had trouble with my door fitting properly at the top so I added the seal on the inside hoping it would help
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  15. Got some more work done the last couple days I'm still having trouble with my door fit but gonna work it out soon
  16. Used some old grinder handles we had laying around the shop for vent handles. I forgot to get a pic of the rf plate buts it's 1/4 in diamond plate we left over from a job we did last week . It looks cool but will probably be a pain to clean should I ever need to.
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    Diamonds down.... smooth side up....
  18. I agree with Dave       Looking Good Though 

  19. flipped my plate over diamonds down now thanks. I fired my smoker up to season it today but my cc is not heating up like it should , no thermoter yet so no temp readings. But fb is hot really hot but can lay my hand on the cooking grate for a few seconds before it gets too hot. I have 4 inlets 2 on each side of fb 2 in dia each and 3/4 in ball valve on the door above the fire. Cooking chamber is 20 dia by 40 long stack is 3.5 pipe 30 in long. I need some suggestions please! Thanks in advance

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