Resurrection of a commercial slicer

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    I was given this slicer years ago from the kitchen at work. Someone was told to clean it so they submersed it in the sink ![​IMG]. They gave it to me and said the blade was dull and the bearings were shot due to the water bath. I stuck in down cellar and forgot about it  until awhile ago.The blade seems sharp as I sliced my finger open and didn't even know it until I saw red drops all over the work bench . (Duh!) The bearings definitely sounded bad so I tore it apart to either save or throw away. Its' a nice old Univex S12 model ,needs a good cleaning. I can't believe the motor didn't go bye -bye!

     After the tear down, motor bearings sound good but the pulley bearings are toast.

    Here is the culprit, nice rusty pulley bearings from being stuck in the sink !

    Voila new slicer !(hopefully ) A little elbow grease on the clean-up and it will be good to go .
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  2. I would soak that bearing in food grade oil overnight. I bet you won't even be out the price of a bearing. Then you will have a nice smoker. If you were closer I would sharpen the blade for you.

    Happy smoken.

  3. waterinholebrew

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    Looks good CM, that'll be a nice addition to the Q arsenal !

  4. java

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    congrats on the score, we got ours pretty much e same way

    sometimes it pays to be handy.
  5. jaxrmrjmr

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    Super cool and free is a great price! I love my slicer.

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