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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by nrdk, Dec 2, 2014.

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    I've got quite a bit of vac sealed, frozen bird left over after 3 Turkey days knocked out (Sunday before last [smoked, spicy cajun], Turkey day itself [1 fried, injected creole butter, 1 smoked light heat cajun], and last Sunday [smoked, savory rub] [​IMG])  

    So of course, the next question becomes what is the best way to reheat the birds? I've searched and found half a dozen different suggestions around here, from simmering water to pan frying to just straight nuking at low cook settings.

    Seems one of the more popular methods is simmering water for 30 to 45 minutes in the sealed bag. However, off the top of my head (and sans box) I couldn't for sure say they are sous vide vacuum bags. How much of a difference does it make? If I go this route, what is the best way to keep the bag off the bottom of the pot while water is simmering?

    Thanks again guys
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    Yeah , nrdk , boiling is the best with Vac-bags . But maimly it's subjective to how hungry you are... wait for water to boil or Nuke it...[​IMG]
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    I take my vac bags, still sealed, place them into a pan of cool tap water, turn the burner to high, allow to come to a boil, then wait about 5 minutes. Tastes just as good as the day it was made... Most of the time, a lot will depend upon when it was vac packed.

    Like Olde Skool said, nuked Q just comes out wrong...

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