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  1. looking for recomendations For some good BBQ sauce for brisket and pork. stubbs.bbq not what i am looking fot

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  2. gotribe28

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    We love Sweet baby rays, I mix half spicy with regular and everyone raves about it. I don't admit I buy it
  3. so ms smoker

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      For starters, what ARE you looking for? I am guessing NOT a mustard or vinegar based since you are in Texas. Do you prefer a more sweet or more spicy? I think the sauce recepe that Jeff sells to support this site is awesome! Also, try using the search bar. You should get plenty of homemade receipes to try. Then tweek them to what you like.

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  4. cool sweet baby rays my family dont care for.

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  5. not looking for homemade right now. looking at sweet and spicy mix

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  6. so ms smoker

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      Then you should   try Jeff's sauce. It is sweet and spicy and easy to make.

  7. kathrynn

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  8. thank you everyone

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  9. chef jimmyj

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    When you are ready to Play, give this a try. You can adjust the Sweet and Heat to your liking. It is based on what should be Familiar flavors for you...JJ

    Texas Bold Bubba Q Juice

    1T Paprika

    2T Ancho Chile Powder

    2tsp Onion Powder

    1tsp Garlic Powder

    1tsp Salt

    1tsp Black Pepper

    1tsp Cumin

    1tsp Mexican Oregano

    2 Chipotle Chiles in Adobo, chopped or

    2tsp Chipotle Powder

    Briefly heat in a Sauce Pot over low heat until fragrant and add:

    2-12oz Heinz Chili Sauce

    12oz Dark Beer

    2T Tomato Paste

    1/4-1/2C Brn Sugar or Honey

    1/4C Texas Pete Hot sauce

    2T Worcestershire Sauce

    Cayenne Pepper to taste

    Simmer sauce to desired thickness and adjust seasoning to your taste.

    Add, Brown Sugar, Salt, Pepper and Cayenne Pepper to taste.

    Makes about 4 Cups.
  10. thank you chef

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  11. Smoked some baby back ribs today. Decided to try Jeff's sauce (was hoping it would be worth the price). INDEEED IT WAS!! My wife thought I was crazy when i told her i was making the sauce instead of using a bottled brand. She doesn't get to excited over the sauce...Until today. We both loved it. Anyone looking for a good sweet and spicy sauce this is the one.[​IMG]
  12. ronwell86

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    Try Sweet Beaver! Its perfect for pork and especially chicken

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