Recipe Recommendations NY Strip Loin Roast

Discussion in 'Beef' started by orangethermal, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. I have a 6 pound New York Strip Loin Roast for Thanksgiving that needs to be cooked in the propane smoker due to lack of space in the oven.

    I would love to hear any recipe / cooking recommendations you can make including wood, temp, time. I've never cooked one of these, let alone cooked one in a smoker. 
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    Orangethermal , welcome .

    Beef needs SPOG , and the wood , well I like Hickory best on Beef here ,(Oak when I lived in Texas) , but most ant wood will do, Maple is sweet , cherry is sweet and gives a Red hue to meat , Hickory is Full flavor and then there are Citrus and Nut Wood   , any will do a good job , just choose a flavor.

    I like to keep it simple and enjoy the day .

    You will likely want aid-rare so you get Well on the ends , Mid-rare to the Middle and a couple of Rares at the middle IMT of 145*F to 160*F.

    Use a good Probe Therm. to cook with , time does not figure in here , but it shouldn't be more than 4 hrs. (and I think less). Put the probe in the middle of the meat mass for best temps. It will start slow , but be patient and you will be


    Now , get set for all the others to chime in and give opinions...

    Have fun and . . .
  3. Thanks oldschoolbbq any recommendation on cooking temp?  I was thinking 250-275ish. 
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    The lower the chamber temp, the more consistent the color will be from edge to edge as well as side to side.   Basically, if you want almost all of the roast to be midrare, or medium, or whatever, cook at 225ish.   If you want the outside cuts to be done a bit more than the center cuts, and you want the outer edge of each piece to be done a bit more than the center, then crank it up to 275 or even higher.

    Here's a pic of a ribeye roast describing what I'm talking about

    See how the color is pretty consistent from edge to edge ?  This was cooked at a low temp.

    On this one, you can see where the outside edges have cooked more.  This was cooked at a higher temp.

    Same thing will happen with the ends versus the center of the roast.    If you cook at a low enough temp the end cuts and the center cut will be of similar color.   Like this.

    So, in regards to your question, what chamber temp to cook at all depends on how you want the roast to look when finished.
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  5. Thanks Demosthenes9  some great tips and recommendations.  That last pic looks amazing, is it yours?  

    Also, apologies for the delay I must of missed the reply email. 
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    Liking that!
  7. demosthenes9

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    You're welcome Orange.  No apologies necessary.   I can't take credit for the last pic.  It far exceeds my photographic and presentation skills.  That said, it is what my PR's usually look like though the one in the pic is just a tad bit more done than what I shoot for.  A nice barely mid rare all the way through with a consistent edge to edge color  If someone wants their slice done a bit more, I'll steep it au jus to bring it to a higher temp/degree of doneness. 
  8. I was thinking if that came up to just throw it in on the Grill for a few minutes
  9. demosthenes9

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    That's another option though it does change the taste/texture to some degree.  Still good, just different.
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