Reason for not smoking a lot of brisket lately!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by liquordealer, Sep 4, 2014.

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  2. seaham358

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    I would love to see a packer even at that price.
  3. wade

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    Hi Liquordealer

    I am not sure if your point is the price or the nutrition values to the left of it...

    If it the price then you should think yourself lucky - In the UK that would be really cheap.

    If it was the nutrition values then at a quick glance it is hard to make any sense of them and they look easy to misinterpret. The eye is drawn to the  %age of the "Daily Value" for each. Is the fact that  a 4oz serving of raw Brisket contains 55% of your recommended daily intake of fat bad? By the time it is trimmed and then slow smoked for several hours a lot of this fat will have rendered out and I would expect the final serving values to be a lower %age of recommended daily dose than stated on the label. I guess it would depend on how much water was also lost during the cooking.

    A similar portion of raw belly pork is likely to provide over 80% of your daily recommended fat intake !!!

    I wish we could get briskets of the US quality and size over here. I have to order large briskets from my butcher a week or so in advance and even then he can struggle to get them any decent size.
  4. I'm pretty sure he was pointing out the price.  [​IMG]
  5. noboundaries

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    Wow, USDA Choice for $3.68/lb!!!  I'd be maxing out the credit cards and filling the freezer!  Choice in my neck of the woods is $7.99 to $8.99/lb on a GOOD day.  USDA Select I can get at that $3.50/lb price, give or take 10 to 20 cents. 
  6. foamheart

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    Everyone knows you left coast folks are all rich movie stars that have beach parties and eat arugula.
  7. Well yeah!!   But we still don't like to overpay for Brisky [​IMG]
  8. damon555

    damon555 Smoking Fanatic

    The "cheapest" cut on the entire cow and they are charging ridiculous prices for it....I won't be paying that price for a brisket.....ever.
  9. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    You guys are lucky at $3.68 per pound, Over here even the basic rolled brisket in our supermarkets it is usually £3.50 per pound - that is about $5.80.
  10. noboundaries

    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

  11. trigus

    trigus Newbie

    That is a good price. I paid $6.75 a pound for the Brisket I m smoking tomorrow.
  12. caribou89

    caribou89 Smoke Blower

    God I love being in texas. Paid 1.97/lb for choice on a labor day sale. Bought 5 briskets in the last 2 months. Never paid more than $2.10/lb.
  13. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    And in DFW area , that's amazing! I grew up in Cen-Tex and had Brisket a lot , Paw was a carnivore and I am too, but here in Toledo area , it's the same. I see them at $4+ and can't save enough for one. Unless Trish says OK. [​IMG]

    have fun and . . .
  14. dirtsailor2003

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    That's what it is here too. I was going to do the throw down but when I saw the price I decided NO WAY!!! I'm going to wait for the Arugala throw down, I get that free out of my garden!!!! I'll save enough to head south and visit the Beach Parties where it's warm!
  15. dcarch

    dcarch Smoking Fanatic

    Sorry. The next throwdown will be "Kobe Beef". :)

    Not too many stores here (NY) sell briskets. If you can find them, they are $9.50 to $15.99 a lb.

  16. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Wow - I take back what I said about brisket in the UK being expensive!!!
  17. red dog

    red dog Smoking Fanatic

    I'm doing a 15lb choice packer today. My butcher ordered it for me at 4.00 lb.
  18. Ya'll's Social Security check must stretch a whole lot farther than mine!
  19. ynot2k

    ynot2k Smoke Blower

    In Seattle today...


    #03108Unit:5/14LB AVG$3.55 / lb  $3.29 / lb
  20. seaham358

    seaham358 Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    I've been looking for the past couple weekends and finally found one on Sunday and it was 4.89lb for a packer, wife wanted it so we got the smaller of the two at 9lbs..

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