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    Will one tablespoon of "tender quick" per pound actually cure my pork belly? I've never done this before, and I've read around, but still, it just doesn't seem like it would be little rub for such a large surface area. Am I just being silly? I imagined you had to really coat the entire surface area with cure.
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  3. One tablespoon per pound (whole cuts) is correct.

  4. Always follow the manufacturers instructions when it comes to cure.
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    Scott is right always follow the directions for your particular cure and yes in this case you have the correct formula
  6. It does not seem like enough but I can assure that it is.  This was just smoked on Monday using TQ and brown sugar (one Tbsp of each per pound) after dry curing for 10 days (5.5lbs of belly).


  7. Great looking slices. Came out good.
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    Those bellies look GREAT, Stub!!!  I'm gonna have to scrounge around for some to cure.

    Bear is famous/infamous around SMF for advising folks to strictly follow manufacturers' cure instructions.  1 Tbsp TQ/ lb. is correct for whole cuts.  I've got nearly 10 lbs. of BBB curing as we speak.  Dang college kids came home for Christmas and cleaned me out!!! [​IMG]Now I've got to wait until late next week...[​IMG]

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    What other seasonings do you use in your BBB?  I am doing my first tomorrow.  (Already had mine curing for 9 days.  They are drying right now.)  I used just cure and brown sugar (Tbsp of each per pound) on one and that plus garlic and onion powder on the other.  Looks like you have some black pepper on yours?  Do you hang yours when smoking or just lay on the racks?  How long and at what temp do you do it?  I have asked a lot of people and everyone has given me good advice.  I am just trying to get as many points of view as possible!  Thanks!

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    Always follow instructions.

    Note that the TQ is often mixed with brown sugar and other flavoring ingredients.  Be dang sure it is all mixed up well before using.

    It will spread out fine, and it works.  Don't mess with it!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    [​IMG]I agree with all the above darn good advice there.
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    I did some belly bacon a few years ago and used TQ turned out great.  Just looked at the label and it says 1 TBS per pound


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