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  1. Hi  I'm Dave.  New here, old everywhere else.

    Just bought a MB 30" electric unit the other day.  Seasoned it according to the directions and am just about ready to do some smokin'. 

    First electric smoker, but have owned/used different types before.  Favority was my trusty Old Smokey 18", but I'm tired of babysitting it and thought I'd try the MB unit.

    Directions indicate to turn the unit On at Max heat to pre-heat the innards for 30-45min.  Yes?  Once I open to load, gonna lose all that heat....seems counter-productive.

    Pre-heat with smoke, right?

    Smoking a small trimmed brisket and will use low heat..200-225dg.

    Later in the day will add a rack of pork ribs and a few Kreuz sausage rings.

    Using Oak with a handfull of Hickory chips for smoke. No water.

    Any tips using this MB 30"?


  2. Sausage and ribs turned out great.  The brisket was decent but for next brisket I'll adhere to the 75min/lb rule. This first test-brisket was a little 'dry', but looked great and had a good taste.

    One thing I noticed was the difference in temps between the door thermometer and the long-probe unit I stuck in the upper 'damper' hole.  The upper probe always read 20dg hotter than the door unit.

    Only real problem was with the drip-tray.  Toward the end of the cook, I thought to pull it out to check for liquid contents.  It would NOT pull out, so I 'aggressively' tugged it.  Broke loose at the tack-welds!  It was supposed to be tacked to the inside of the bowl, but it was 'fastened' to the outside of the bowl.  Not a biggie as I can fix it with SS bolts/nuts.  Also need to either shave some off the side-rails or open the receiver-rails so the tray will slide in/out.

    Another thing I noticed:  I bought Mod #20070612.  The nomenclature plate on the smoker-back sez 1500w while the controller sez 1650w.  That discrepancy seems to indicate the controller can put out more than the element is rated to handle.  Of course those are Max ratings, so prolly won't come into play.....?

    Advice please:  how do you clean the bottom of the smoker cabinet?  Remove the element first?

    What I don't like:  having to open the door to check or add wood chips.  I see some of the 'better' MB units have a way to add chips from the outside and not have to open the door.  Any modification I can make to accomplish that same thing? 

    Anyway, all in all, first use was ok and look forward to the next one. 

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    Hi Dave,

    With briskets and butts you are better off to figure on 2 hours per pound but even better off to cook to an IT of 200*!  Good luck,

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  4. With the MES, no need to soak chips. Also, for brisket, suggest internal temp of 200-205 for fork tender brisket.
    Good Luck and Welcome.
    Fred. :yahoo:
  5. Masterbuilt even suggests not soaking chips for their latest models. Most of us here use internal temp of at LEAST 190 for brisket. The butchers I know don't know much about smoking. Sorry to strongly disagree, but 8 hours at 165 will not produce a fork tender brisket. Just my opinion that I'd bet a substantial amount on.
    :biggrin: Fred

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