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  1. A while ago someone posted about re-smoking a ham, with a twist. 

    He removed the skin and a lot of fat, which he than put on an upper rack to let the pork fat render down keeping the ham extra moist.

    Can someone post a link to that post?   I'm going to try to replicate his idea, and results.

    Also need temps and time.

    TIA  Larry
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  2. rbranstner

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    I just do mine like I would in the oven. The ham is already smoked and cooked and just needs to be reheated so I just rub it down a bit with your favorite rub and throw it in the smoker around 250 degrees and pull it out once the internal temp has reached 160 degrees.
  3. tlcase

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    Not to hijack your thread but I have a cure 81 ham in the freezer I'm planning twice smoked ham with. I'm thinking of glazing it and throwing some apple wood smoke at it for a couple hours. I'd like order how yours turns out.
  4. tlcase

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    To know.....not order. Stupid auto correct on this tablet....
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  6. desertlites

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    BB Bubba has a great double smoked ham recipi in here somewhere.
  7. I found this 'basket' at Wally-World, it's stainless and with a little help (with a hammer) it fit in my MFDDPS.


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  8. The 'wings' extend out allowing the basket to fit any number of smokers.



    The 'mix' I used for the glaze was, Pineapple Juice (2 Cups), Pineapple Preserves (9 oz.- about 1/2 the jar), half a package of Honey Glaze Mix (leftover from a Honey Glazed Ham from Christmas).  About 2 Tablespoons ov Honey, and Brown Sugar (2 Cups), and cant forget the whole cloves


  9. Sorry about all the different posts, my computer is having one of those days,KWIM??

    Here are the soon to be 'cracklens', and the insertion into the smoker.  Will post more when it's done.


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    That basket is a great idea. I have one of those & it sucks for a strainer because everything gets stuck in the rim. But for an adjustable grate it's awesome. Boy you just learn new stuff here all the time!
  11. Pulled the ham out of the smoker, (IT 160*, Time: 8 3/4 hours at 225*) It tastes GREAT!!!!!! 

    Q-View isn't so bad, when the computer cooperates!!!


  12. jc1947

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    That looks like some fine eatin'

    Nice n juicy

  13. chef jimmyj

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    The Basket is a nice idea! The Ham looks Great!...JJ
  14. smokinal

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    Great looking ham.

    It really looks juicy!
  15. michael ark

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    Looks great I love twice smoked ham.Thumbs Up
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    I just found this now!!!

    As soon as I read your question, I knew it was "SmokinAl" you were looking for !!!

    You did an Awesome Job!!!!

    Double Smoked Ham is Unbelievable!!!!

    I've been eating it for 30 years, but only smoking my own for a short time.

    Great addition with the basket too!!!!

    Thanks Wingnut,

  17. africanmeat

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    wow it looks amazing. it is a great job
  18. realtorterry

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    Looks good from here. Did leaving it in the pan in its own juices leave that side mushy? Why so high on the IT?
  19. No, not mushy(ie?) at all, but the next one I try will be a spiral cut ham, and that one WILL be set on end.

  20. OOPS!    Sorry, the IT hit 160* at  8 3/4 hours, smoker at 250*.


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