R.O. Lump Vs. Kingsford Comp Briquette

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  1. I regularly use R.O. lump and was wondering what performance differences there are between that and the new Kingsford Comp. briquettes. Does the KF burn longer? Hotter? I haven't tried it yet just cause I'm so fond of the R.O. but I'm living outside of the city now and I can get to the KF about 15 min quicker than the closest Menards where I get the R.O.
    Any help from someone who knows would be appreciated. I may just try some myself in this weekend's smoke but I am already stocked up on lump so I am hesitant to go buy more charcoal right now.

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    While Borax is certainly a natural mineral it is also used as a flux for the melting of preciouse alloys containing gold, silver, platinum, paladium and such in the dental industry and I would assume other industries as well. It allows the alloy being melted to flow and pool together to achieve a homogenious mix. Hope I spelled that correctly. That said it will leave behind a glassy hard surface in the crucible it was used in. NOt a bad thing for crucibles but what about your smoker. Temps for casting these alloys is relativly low, as low as 1400 degrees F. I must say all this is speculation on my part but I can see over time getting a glassy build up on metal surfaces. I don't know if this is good or bad. The temps in a pile of briquettes would indeed reach the melting point of the borax, this I am sure of. Maybe we all need more info but I will just stick with lump when I use charcoal in my smoker.
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    I cannot speak directly to both as I do not have access to RO Lump. Believe me folks, I have looked. [​IMG]

    I do have access to Kingsford Comp and use it all the time in the UDS. I have also used blue bag K, RO Briquettes, Cowboy lump, and Lazarri Mesquite lump in the UDS.

    I like the Kingsford Comp MUCH better than the blue bag K and the RO Briquettes. Doesn't have the jet fuel smell while it is lighting that the blue bag K does. The Comp has a nice smell and just smells like wood burning. Doesn't make nearly as much ash as the blue bag K or the RO. It seems much more consistent than Cowboy lump (I know that's not saying much) and I just really didn't care for the smell of the mesquite lump.

    I think it burns hotter than regular K and the RO briqs. Dont think it burns as hot as the mesquite lump but I don't think there is much that does. I have not noticed any sort of buildup resembling melted borax.

    I did use some Wicked Good Charcoal Weekend Warrior blend in my SnP once. But I had to mail order it at a cost of about $50 for 40 pounds. That was probably the highest quality lump I have used and if availability was not an issue, I would probably prefer it over the Kingsford Comp. But based on availability, Kingsford Comp is the best I can get and I am pretty happy with it.

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    I know this is an old thread but I've got a question. I usually refill my SFB about every hour to maintain temps. I always mix about half KF Comp and RO Lump already lit to the existing coals. Do I need to add lit coals every time or can I just throw them in? I've always pre lit the coals in fear of over smoking my food. Any suggestions would be great.
  5. Great info on that link!

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