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  1. So I woke up Monday and thought to myself.... "Self, What the hell are you gonna do today" wife was away, nothing planned on my last day off I figured.... Lets eat and drink [​IMG] Started off with some wings for lunch!

    Outlaw ready!!!


    Wings on. Little seasoning. Salt Pepper Lemon Pepper and a Chipotle blend


    Getting there! Sauce on .... Mix of Franks Hot, Franks wing Sauce and 3/4 stick of butter and same Chipotle blend


    Everybody in the pool


    My first BEAR View!!!!


    The wings were great nice and crunchy tons of flavor Smoked with a little mix of Hickory and Apple

    So grill still going whats a guy to do..... start planning dinner!!! This is where I failed with pics. It was getting dark and I may have been loaded... And the winner is Ghetto Surf and Turf. Did two strippers and a pound of shrimp. Salt and Pepper on steak Old bay on the shrimp. Built up an nice crazy fire in the SFB and sat one of the SFB grates on the charcoal basket seared steaks on that 2 minutes a side then threw it in the main chamber with the swimmers to finish it off...


    Perfect for me anyway Medium rare


    Smart move??? Made one for the wife for lunch the next day


    Thanks everyone!!! Have fun
  2. Nice work! My birthday is coming up on the 19th and my wife will be out

    of town. Guess I'll occupy myself in the same manner, smokin'  meat

    and drinkin' bourbon.

    BTW, the reason I take Qview is so I can remember the next day what I did...Heh Heh

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    Evidence for when the wife returns??!!!!  [​IMG]   No, Honey, really -- I was here ALL day!!!!   [​IMG]
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    That's a beautiful looking meal! Everything looks delicious!
  5. africanmeat

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    It looks yummy. this is money
  6. Dang im hungry nice job[​IMG]
  7. ugaboz

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    looks great
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    Nothing better than a day off and a Happy smoker [​IMG]

    Freakin' great [​IMG]
  9. Thanks everyone! What a good time. It really is funny I have lived in this house for 2+ years and nobody and I mean nobody talked to each other. None of the neighbors said anything to one another except maybe a wave or a nod.... I go and get this CGriller Outlaw and get it all prepped in the house and move it to the yard and fire it up to season it 2 weeks ago... I now know pretty much everyone on the entire block. Once they started smelling the bacon grease from seasoning they started popping out of their holes and coming over one by one. This week before I even lit the chimney starter I pulled the grill out opened it and walked in the house and when i came out had 2 of my neighbors sitting in chairs in my driveway and 2 more standing there talking all with beers in their hands... What a good way to make friends over food and drinks! [​IMG]
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  11. That steak looks like heaven to me. Nice job.

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