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    If you've ever made bacon and it was to salty I found this little trick for canadian bacon and belly bacon , after cureing ( eather dry or wet) soak in luke-warm water for 2 hours, drain, pat dry and cover and put back in the fridge for 2 days for equilibration
    Simple Brine cure = 1 gal spring water
    1.25 cups tender quick
    1.25 cups brown sugar
    5 whole cloves
    3 bay leaves
    then what ever you want to try you can't hurt it.
    Dry Cure = 1 cup tenderquick
    1 cup brownsugar
    mix and use 1 tablespoon per pound, rub in and seal in a good ziplock bag
    cure for 2 days then drain fluids, rince off and reapply,cure for 3 more days
    Smoke canadian bacon @ 170 till internal temp is 145 for frying 165 for ready eat
    Belly bacon smoke @ 145 till internal temp is 125
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    Thanks for the tips...have to add those to never ending file of good stuff..[​IMG]
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    Thank you Ghost I'm sure that tip will be mighty handy!

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