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Discussion in 'Beef' started by coco, Jun 6, 2010.

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    I love coming home from work during the week and whipping up a fantastic, but quick meal.  I've learned to do a few things in the smoker two.  I picked up some small prime rib steaks for the wife and I.  I throw them in the smoker and cook them up until rare.



    Above, they're pulled from the smoker at about 130-135F.  The wife isn't home yet, so I foil them and prepare the sides.  Once she gets home, the grill is hot, the sides are ready and I throw the steaks on the grill to finish them off, and brown them up a bit.  This is super quick, and I throw them on, wait, flip, wait, and pull right off.


    And...last but not least, the final presentation...VOILA!!!


    I think I had a Spanish red that evening I pared it with.  :)
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    very nice and ty for sharing
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    Very nice [​IMG]

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